Change to Playgroup Venue September 3rd and September 24th

Michelle | Uncategorized | Tuesday August 31 2010

iStock_000006827948XSmallAs you may have heard at Playgroup last week, the new Learning Centre and Kindergarten room has been built at St John’s, so for the last week of this term and the first week of next term, we will be unable to use our normal venue for Playgroup as the they pack up the old room and move into the new. So instead of having a four week break from Playgroup, we have booked the hall and supper rooms next to the post office at the Richmond Village Green for Friday 3rd September and Friday 24th September. We will be able to use the green and playground equipment for outdoor play, and have access to the hall for a wet weather option and also for the all important tea and coffee facilities. There will be some Fathers day craft set up in the hall also this Friday and some playdoh for indoor play, but obviously there won’t be the vast selection of toys we are used to having at the school. We have been assured that we will be welcome in the new classroom once the staff have had a chance to move in properly next term, so it looks like business as usual from Friday 1st October.

Hope to see you all at the Richmond Green this week but if you are unable to make, have a safe holiday and we will see you next term.